The Nearbuy logo was designed by Paul Stevens, via the Noun Project (with minor alterations).

Nearbuy is set in various weights of Archer Pro and Apercu.

Nearbuy was prototyped in Keynote, Sketch, Invision, the LAPP stack and Xcode, using APIs and data from Amazon, Yelp, Google, Foursquare, ItemMaster and Upcitemdb.

Nearbuy makes use of various Stack Overflow frameworks and code snippets that I will never find again, but I highly recommend Ray Wenderlich’s Swift tutorials without which I could never have even gotten started.

Infinite thanks to the following people: Mayo Nissen, for generously donating his time as thesis advisor and for teaching me how to very quickly create a map pin in Sketch. The design team at Yelp for donating their space and time and brains and inviting me out to work amongst them for a week this spring, especially Yoni De Beule, Eric Singley, Jeff Gochman, Scott Tusk, Amy Ton, Clara Nam, Matt Baird, Alexa Herasimchuk, as well as Erin Rusonis, Kailene Cloud, and Rebecca DiMassa. The SVA Alumni Society for their generous support. SVA IxD alumni, especially Nikki Sylianteng for her insights in Thesis I. Josh Knowles for helping kickstart my first foray into Swift development. The entire SVA IxD faculty and staff, including Eric Forman, Liz Danzico, Gwen Kurtz, Jason Rabie and Wolfgang Gil, as well as Josh Musick who tried to warn me about “framework-itis.” The class of 2016, with a special nod to Marcelo A. Méjia Cobo and Nic Barajas for conceiving Thither and Yonder with me. Erin Carney and Neil Carlson at the Brooklyn Creative League for providing the flexible workspace at which I banged out most of these ideas. The Research Team at Etsy, especially Alex Wright, Jill Fruchter, Brenna Lynch and Bryan Carroll for patiently working around my limited schedule this past year. My family and friends for being patient as I missed various birthdays, holidays, and assorted celebrations. Chloe Weil for always upping my game.

And thanks, most of all, to my partner Lauren Kernan for her invaluable critiques, and for giving up two years of our lives in exchange for a mobile shopping app that doesn’t even let you buy anything!

Oh, I almost forgot! Happy 100th birthday, Jane Jacobs!